Shout at the Devil and the Devil will Shout Back

Ask any beer drinker about Le Trou du Diable (The Devil’s Hole) and they will regale with fond memories of drinking a great beer from Shawinigan, Quebec.  Ask any geologist about Le Trou du Diable and they will likely regale with fond memories of drinking a great beer from Shawinigan, Quebec while peeing in a cave of the same name.

In 2006, a bunch of friends decided to do the best thing grown men could do, open a brewery.  The fellas from the devil’s hole ambitiously set out to create world-class beer without being world-class pricks about it.  Ten years later and numerous awards from across the globe, they are still humble and still great friends.


Le Trou du Diable labels are just as beautiful as the contents

Nearly as famous as the brewery, a well-reputed politician by the name Jean Chretien began to frequent the brewery after retiring from some important job of some kind.  Known for his sense of humour, the brewery approached the honorable Mr. Chretien about bestowing his likeness on a bottle and recreating the famous Shawinigan Handshake, replacing protester Bill Clennett with the devil himself.  Any resemblance of the devil and Le Trou du Diable President Isaac Tremblay is purely coincidental I’m told.


Shawinigan Handshake with the Devil

Today, the brewery is proudly expanding production, including a much more substantial barrel-aging program.  Keeping true to their fun-loving spirit, they host some incredible live music performances at their brewpub.  Last year they collaborated with hard rock badass mother f*ckers Dance Laury Dance to create a beer made with real unicorn blood.

Their lineup includes several year-round beers, seasonals, some exclusive specialties and divine creations from the barrel.  Check out Canada’s favourite beer, Saison du Tracteur a dry, peppery saison perfect for all occasions.

Nearly any style you can think of has been made by the devil and many styles that nobody has thought of!




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