Crux Fermentation Project Better Off Red

Crux Fermentation Project Better Off Red (Barrel-aged Flanders Red)

Crux Fermentation Project Better Off Red (Barrel-aged Flanders Red)

I visited the Crux Fermentation Project a few months ago at their brewery in Bend, Oregon. This was my first exposure to their beer, so I simply ordered a flight of tasters and got down to business. By the way, a flight/fleet/sampler can be a regional term but all are acceptable terms to order a group of small tasters of beer. Any how, the beer…

I dove into the beer…Pilsner, Saison, Scotch Ale, IPA, Belgian Dark Strong Ale, Imperial Stout…I was running out of liver. I couldn’t believe that style after style they were knocking it out of the park. Then I learned that their Brewmaster was formerly the Brewmaster at Deschutes for several years and things began to make sense. I thought that I was in heaven, and then I was introduced to their “Banished” series. Banished are a select few of their regular brews that had been sent to live in various barrels for awhile.

So here we are with a Flanders Red from the Banished series. First nose and my salivary glands began to flow like an English Bulldog.  On the palate it wasn’t nearly as tart as I was expecting.  It seems banishment calmed it down a bit, perhaps it should be called solitary confinement.  


ABV: 7.0

IBU: 18

My Rating: 4.0/5

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