Vancouver Island Thirty Years Imperial Red Ale

Now here’s a beer that already had a place in my heart before the first drop touched my lips.  I moved to Victoria in 1997 before the term ‘craft-beer’ had been coined.  I discovered Piper’s Pale Ale after years of being subjected to only fizzy yellow beer produced in high quantity and low quality.  Piper’s was the beer that gave me that “AaaHaaaa!” moment when I suddenly knew beer could be so much more.  I haven’t looked back, until today as I fondly remember my first exposure to good beer and tasted a preview of what was to come. Vancouver Island Brewing Company has released their 30th anniversary ale, a homage to the great Piper’s Pale Ale that helped pave the road to what the craft beer scene has become in Victoria today.


Congratulations to Vancouver Island on thirty years!

Congratulations to Vancouver Island Brewing on thirty years!


This beer packs plenty of robust caramel and toasty malts which are supported by both North American and noble hops.  Medium carbonation and a juicy mouthfeel make this big beer remarkably smooth.  Available now in most craft beer stores in Victoria.

Join the brewery in raising a glass to celebrate thirty years of making great beer at their anniversary party on May 3rd from 1-5pm. 


Untitled 2


Glassware: Tulip pint or stemmed tulip.

Pair with: Roasted red pepper Fettucini Alfredo, Lamb stew or Hummus and Pita


ABV: 8.5

SRM: 24

My rating: 4.0/5

4 thoughts on “Vancouver Island Thirty Years Imperial Red Ale

    • Better than Howe Sound Three Beavers, better than Phillips Double Dragon. I rated it the same as Lighthouse Siren although they’re not the same beer by any means. P49’s Robo Ruby was really stellar though, it was one of my favourite releases this past winter.

  1. I had a bit of trouble enjoying P49’s Robo Ruby, I liked it at first but hated the aftertaste. Finally went after the VIB 30 year last night, man it packs a punch but sure was tasty!

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