Brew Dog Tokyo intergalactic fantastic barrel-aged stout

From the bad boys of brewing from Scotland comes this tiny bottle of shock and awe.  Known for brewing some of strongest beers in the world and pushing limits of what’s possible, Brew Dog will outright tell the nay sayers to fuck off in their charming Scottish accents.  Anyhow, on to the beer…

At a whopping 18.2% ABV, this is to date, the strongest beer this writer has ever drank. It pours deep black, what I imagine a charcoal factory would look like if it burned to the ground.  The nose is incredibly boozy, only allowing small whifs of sweet fruit.  Once you muster up the bawbag to swallae a tad down yer gob, the sweet malts are found to be of molasses, berries, leather, and plenty of oak.

I’d suggest sharing this little bottle with a friend unless you’re well-versed in Russian Imperials or you may find yourself without use of your legs for awhile.

Brew Dog Tokyo

Brew Dog Tokyo




My rating: 4.5/5

Malts:Marris Otter, Dark Crystal, Caramalt, Chocolate Malt, Roast Barley


Brewed with Jasmine and Cranberries. Dry-Hopped then aged on oak chips.

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