Deschutes/Hair of the Dog Collage (No.1 in the Conflux series)


Collage by Deschutes and Hair of the Dog

Collage by Deschutes and Hair of the Dog

Anybody who has met me in the context of beer has likely heard me talk about the one beer that melted my knees for several hours while my wife constantly told me to shut up and drink it.  Of course I’m talking about the dissident from Deschutes Brewing;  see the dissident.

Today’s beer is a collage of ‘the dissident’ from Deschutes and ‘Fred’, ‘Adam’ and ‘The Stoic’ from Hair of the dog.  If you haven’t heard of Hair of the Dog, here’s what Scotland’s BrewDog had to say about them, “Picasso has the paintbrush, Payton Manning has the football and Hair of the dog owner Alan Sprints has the oak barrel.”

Known simply as Collage, these four infamous beers were threaded together then further aged in various oak barrels.  Did you know that the stream of beer that comes from a cask is known as a thread?  In fact, many years ago publicans in Britain would often thread multiple beer together right at the bar to suit their customers likings and as a means of disguising some of their off-flavour beer so that they didn’t have to dump it.

How do I accurately describe four beer that have been in barrel after barrel?  Let’s see…woody, sour, sherry, cherry, vanilla, warming, raisins, bourbon, leather…it’s tough to nail it all down but it’s pretty spectacular.

Now for the hard part, it’s not all sunshine and roses.  I recently busted someone down for their price point and this beer was far more expensive.  With two breweries involved combining  four beers and a multitude of barrels, travel, and shipping, do I think this beer warranted it’s high price?  Yes, I actually do and I may go buy another.


ABV: 11.6

My Rating: 5/5



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