Central City Brewing Imperial Porter

First, a quick history lesson about porter.  Did you know that there was a beer flood in 1814?  It’s true.  And it was deadly.  No this isn’t another disaster movie.  On October 17th, 1814 an aging vat containing more than 600,000 litres at the Meux and Company Brewery burst and took out more vats in it’s wake spilling nearly 1.5 million litters of porter into a poor borough of London killing eight people.  Some were drowned in their basement homes, while others died from alcohol poisoning after giving in to the temptation of beer literally flowing in the streets.

Central City Imperial Porter

Onto the beer in hand.  Before us today is an Imperial Porter from Central City Brewing Company’s new multi-million dollar brewery.  At $15 per bottle this should help them pay for it, but that’s another discussion.  An Imperial Porter is a bit of a misnomer due to the fact that only Russian Imperial Stouts are the true Imperial beers from their lineage back in Catherine the Great’s era of imbibement.

This big bad boy comes from a combination of barrel-aging and blending some old and some new, a method that’s been around for centuries.  With plenty of notes of wood, vanilla, coffee, and a bit of maple syrup.  It drinks very smoothly for a big beer with a big ABV, there is some hot booze but in a comforting “Grandpa’s medicine” kind of way.

Ignoring the price tag, I’d comfortably give this a 4/5 but I’m marking it down to 3.5 for the gouge.

ABV: 9.0

IBU: 60

My adjusted rating: 3.5

2 thoughts on “Central City Brewing Imperial Porter

    • Psychic, no. Poor at proofreading? Yes. Able to edit my mistakes when my friends tip me off? Definitely. Thanks. Also, stay tuned for something exciting coming from a couple home brewers on October 17th, 2014.

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