Deschutes Brewery the dissident (2012 Reserve)


Sweet mother of god, this is a big one. I’ll forgive you if you stop reading now because I’m gushing like a schoolgirl. A Flanders-style sour brown ale that has been 20% Aged in French oak wine barrels, 80% brewed with cherries. I guess Ned Flanders would say it’s oakily-dokily…?

For it’s high price tag, I delayed buying this bottle for a long time but now regret not buying several bottles months ago, it is simply one of the best beers I’ve ever had. The nose is so good I’ve been smelling it more than drinking, because when I sip my knees buckle like a teenage girl at a Beatles concert. Hidden in these overwhelming flavours is an astonishing ABV of 11.4.

Highly carbonated and quite sour with a bit of sweetness. Cherries and wood prevail with tannins and a wonderful wild yeast.

IBU: 30
ABV: 11.4 (Wowzers!)

My rating: 5/5 (and if it were mathematically possible I’d say 6/5).

2 thoughts on “Deschutes Brewery the dissident (2012 Reserve)

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