Coffee Beer

Happy Friday!  Coffee flavoured beers and I’ll throw in a few interesting fun facts about beer.

For starters did you know honeymoons originated from beer drinking? In ancient Babylon, it was tradition for the father of the bride to provide the groom with as much mead as he could drink.  Since mead is made with honey, this was known as the “Honey Month”, which lasted one cycle of the moon and eventually became the “Honeymoon”.  Now you know.

Based on the name of this blog, it’s no surprise that Coffee Beers are amongst one of my favorite styles.  Back when Phillips were based in Esquimalt, they made an Espresso Stout that blew my doors off, but it was short-lived.  The popularity of this style has fortunately resurged and we have several to choose from.  Although Stouts and Porters are the most common styles that brewers add some java to, a few are experimenting with Brown Ales, IPA’s, Amber Ales and others.  This style has come a long way since Drew Carey and his pals made Buzz Beer.  A retake on the Phillips Espresso Stout was released this year (sort of a heavy-metal cover of a folk song),  amongst a myriad of other coffee beers, not only in Victoria but all across the beautiful world of beer.


In addition to the Phillips Black Jackal Imperial Coffee Stout (collaborated with 2% Jazz Coffee), locally look for Hoyne‘s Voltage Espresso Stout (collaborated with Habit Coffee), Swans’ Double-Shot Porter (collaborated with Cafe Fantastico), and Canoe‘s Let ‘Er Run Espresso Stout (collaborated with Level Ground Coffee).


From outside Victoria, try Fort Garry‘s Kona Imperial Stout, New Belgium‘s Lips of Faith Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout, Oakshire‘s Overcast Espresso Stout, and Kona‘s Pipeline Porter (made with 100% Kona coffee).

*Remember, Coffee Beers are almost always seasonal so get them now while most of them are still available.  Spinnakers Spirit Merchants in Vic west have one of the best selections in the city.


Finally, did you know that beer was the basis of modern medicine? In the 1850’s, scientist Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization. Tragically, people always link him to milk. But he was actually studying beer. Some people think he was looking at milk, but in fact, he was actually looking at beer and beer was the first beverage to be pasteurized.  He wondered why beer sometimes spoils and he learned that it’s because beer is alive.  Not only are the active yeast cells alive, but he also discovered bacteria and it is the bacteria that spoils the beer.  This discovery lead to understanding germ theory, which allowed scientists to understand diseases and how to treat them.  There you go, beer saved your life.

Have a great weekend and remember, always get it fresh.


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